David Sheffield was facedown in the middle of the road on Ute Pass. His motorcycle helmet held his head a few inches above the pavement, high enough for his peripheral vision to pick out the nurses huddled around him in blue scrubs. “What hospital do you want to go to?” one of them asked. “Penrose,” he said. For Sheffield, the next couple of weeks were a blur.
Homebuilder David Sinkey looked into his crystal ball about 30 months ago and a disturbing vision appeared. "One of the trends we saw: There won't be any new-build homes that are affordable in the future," recalled Sinkey, a principal at Louisville-based Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. The housing downturn had culled the skilled workforce needed to build homes, creating severe labor shortages and pushing up costs. Just as worrisome, finished lots that once were in oversupply were quickly being absorbed with no easy prospects to replenish them. What Sinkey didn't fully anticipate was the strong in-migration that would boost demand in the face of constricted supply and turn metro Denver into one of the tightest housing markets in the nation. John Burns Real Estate Consulting, which tracks housing markets across the country, provides the following proof of Sinkey's theory...
Over the last ten years I've heard the same complaints repeatedly. Over and over again I try and explain to my friends, family, customers and clients why we agents do the things we do. I can't say my opinions are the voice of all 1 million agents across the industry, but I suspect many of them have similar thoughts on my responses. In no particular order...
As rates rise over the next few months (as usually is common with republicans in office), we will see buyer's buying power continue to lessen. Here is a great chart from Academy Mortgage that can help speak to this:
What Is A Property Condition Report? An initial Property Condition Report (PCR) is immediately ordered when the property becomes part of HUD's inventory. This process is a visual inspection of the property and a plumbing pressure test. The PCR is not prepared by a certified inspector; therefore, no warranties are made in conjunction with the report. The preparation of the PCR is not a home inspection and is not intended as a replacement for the home inspection. Buyers are strongly encouraged to hire a professional inspector to complete a full home inspection.
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. -- If you're looking to buy a house or rent in Colorado Springs, doing your homework first on the housing market is what's recommended. According to Realtor Sandra Lehmann, deciding whether to become a homeowner or a renter all depends on how long you're looking to stay in the area.
Texas-based Conn's Inc., an appliance, electronics and furniture chain that caters to consumers with credit problems, plans to open in Colorado Springs this fall. The retailer expects to open as early as October in a former Circuit City store, southeast of Academy Boulevard and Platte Avenue on the Springs' east side, said Mike Poppe, Conn's chief operating officer. The building has been vacant since Circuit City went out of business in 2009.
Here I am, working with a great young couple looking to buy their first home... so far so good right? I have worked before with first time homebuyers and am very comfortable working with them. I met them at an Open House, and they had visited several. They have done their research online, and they had a pretty good idea of what they want.
Increased single-family home sales and rising prices last month capped off the best performance for the Colorado Springs-area re-sale market in five years, a Pikes Peak Association of Realtors report shows.
New-home sales strongest in more than 2 years Rising numbers another sign of improved housing market Author: By Chris Isidore NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - New-home sales rose in November, recording their strongest pace in more than 2 years, another sign of improvement in the housing market.