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Tips for Home Sellers

Prepping Your Home For Sale


By Kevin Carr   7/24/18 


The most impactful mission a seller can accomplish, as they entertain listing their home, is the prep of their home. Proper preparation of a home, inside and out, is vital in order for a home owner to get the most value for their home. The organization, cleanliness, and staging is very important. Once you accomplish the prep work and your home is ready to list maintaining that appearance throughout the showing process is essential.


Your realtor can "tell you" what your home should look like but the best way to gain, and absorb, that vision is to look at pictures of other listings. The best looking homes "appear" to not be lived in. But they are lived in. You just need to give the impression that your home is pristine. Counters cleaned, beds made, floors cleaned and freshly vacuumed, and everything in its place….for the MLS pictures as well as each and every showing.


MLS pictures? You can have up to 36 pictures. You will want 36 professional pictures. Not with a phone. If your realtor pulls out their phone to take pictures, find another realtor who takes their job, and listing your house, seriously. If I see a home a home with under 10 pictures my mind immediately thinks that this is a flip home. A home that needs extensive work because they realtor did not think enough of the home to take the 36 pictures.


Your prep will not only help your home rise to the top of the potential buyers list but, again, it will bring you the most value if you have prepped your home effectively.


Kids? Partner with them to help them understand what you want, as a family, to accomplish. Set fun goals and work together as a family. Hey….get creative and give them a portion of the proceeds. Make it fun and eventful.