What Is A Property Condition Report? An initial Property Condition Report (PCR) is immediately ordered when the property becomes part of HUD's inventory. This process is a visual inspection of the property and a plumbing pressure test. The PCR is not prepared by a certified inspector; therefore, no warranties are made in conjunction with the report. The preparation of the PCR is not a home inspection and is not intended as a replacement for the home inspection. Buyers are strongly encouraged to hire a professional inspector to complete a full home inspection.
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. -- If you're looking to buy a house or rent in Colorado Springs, doing your homework first on the housing market is what's recommended. According to Realtor Sandra Lehmann, deciding whether to become a homeowner or a renter all depends on how long you're looking to stay in the area.
Texas-based Conn's Inc., an appliance, electronics and furniture chain that caters to consumers with credit problems, plans to open in Colorado Springs this fall. The retailer expects to open as early as October in a former Circuit City store, southeast of Academy Boulevard and Platte Avenue on the Springs' east side, said Mike Poppe, Conn's chief operating officer. The building has been vacant since Circuit City went out of business in 2009.
Here I am, working with a great young couple looking to buy their first home... so far so good right? I have worked before with first time homebuyers and am very comfortable working with them. I met them at an Open House, and they had visited several. They have done their research online, and they had a pretty good idea of what they want.
Increased single-family home sales and rising prices last month capped off the best performance for the Colorado Springs-area re-sale market in five years, a Pikes Peak Association of Realtors report shows.
New-home sales strongest in more than 2 years Rising numbers another sign of improved housing market Author: By Chris Isidore NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - New-home sales rose in November, recording their strongest pace in more than 2 years, another sign of improvement in the housing market.
7 terms every homebuyer should know Any homebuyer will encounter a range of new jargon. We demystify it. By Michele Lerner of HSH.com From http://realestate.msn.com/7-terms-every-homebuyer-should-know


Colorado Springs will typically trend upward and downward pretty closely with Denver.  Numerous newspapers and magazines have already listed Denver as a top 10 most healthy market in the USA.  Keep the good news coming!

It's not peak selling season, but these smart strategies will help you make sure your home looks good even when the weather is dreary. By Jerold Leslie
Here is a secret for home-owners that are attempting to sell their house themselves... real estate agents and more afraid of you, than you are of them. Prospecting and drumming up new business is a part of our job- for many of us, our LEAST favorite part of the job- and to survive in this business we must develop and hone these skills.