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Colorado's hottest market for hipsters? It's not in Denver

By Ben Miller 


If you're looking for Colorado's hottest spot for hipsters, you're going to have to look past Denver.


That's according to Yelp and, which ranked 297 U.S. cities to create their list of "The Hottest Hipster Markets." Colorado Springs was the state's top city for hipsters, ranking No. 10 nationally.


The "hipster score" created by the two companies used's measure of home sales and counted's mention of the word "hipster" in its reviews.


Columbus, Ohio was the No. 1-ranked "Hottest Hipster Market," followed by Seattle, San Diego, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Rochester, New York, San Francisco, Long Beach, California, Louisville, Kentucky, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Colorado Springs.


Specifically, the 80903 ZIP Code area in Colorado Springs ranked the highest in the state. Shuga's restaurant was tabbed a "hipster hotspot" and the city was described thusly: "Colorado Springs offers the same natural beauty and proximity to world-class skiing and hiking that nearby Denver does, but with a lower cost of living and unemployment rate."


Denver ranked No. 18 on the list.


Last year, in another ranking of cities' appeal to hipsters, Denver ranked No. 3 nationally, behind only Seattle and Portland.