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Tips for Home Buyers

The Reason Not to Look at Homes Above Your Price Range

Here I am, working with a great young couple looking to buy their first home... so far so good right?  I have worked before with first time homebuyers and am very comfortable working with them.  I met them at an Open House, and they had visited several.  They have done their research online, and they had a pretty good idea of what they want.  

The house I was holding open met all of their criteria- nice large lot, great house in a good school district, large kitchen, and a great master suite.  The big issue- the house is priced higher than they are willing to go.  They want all of the great amenities that the house has to offer- but they wouldn't feel comfortable stretching their budget to meet this homes asking price.

Here is where it gets sticky: the house priced at $250k is priced that way for a reason.  This couple wants to stick to the $200k price range.  Every home I show them now is bland and doesn't offer everything that the original house does.  Of course it doesn't!  $50k will get you a fair amount of amenities and features.  Now we are stuck in an unfavorable position- I want these clients to be excited about their first home.  It's a very exciting moment in someones life, and the last thing I want is for them to "settle" for a place. 

I'm not sure how we'll end up, or if we find a place that they love just as much, but there is a great lesson to be learned here.  Be careful about looking at properties that are above a comfortable price range!  You don't want to mess with your own expectations!

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