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What Rooms Would You Ditch In Your Home?

When it comes to new homes, small is beautiful right now. Ditto for retro designs – village colonials and wrap around front porches come to mind.

As they struggle to survive in one of the worst markets in generations, that’s one formula an increasing number of builders have settled on.

If you are a fan of the 70s' style modern home, with its collection of sharp angles and broad windows, well it looks like you are out of luck right now.

Still, while the classic look is in, some dramatic changes are being made when it comes to interior design. Let's just say once you step through the door, it's not your grandfather's village colonial.

Among other things, great rooms are here to stay, while sun rooms, hobby rooms and even living rooms are on the chopping block, according to local home marketing and research firm, PrimeTime Communities.

Basically, hello great rooms and goodbye traditional living and dining areas. Florida living in New England – yuk!!!

In coming up with a sketch of where home design is headed over the next few years, PrimeTime sifted through data collected by both the U.S. Census and the National Association of Home Builders.

Here are some of the features home builders say they are “very likely’’ to include in their latest models. (A scale of 1-5 is used, with 5 the highest and 1 the lowest.)

The most popular items include: the great room, which topped the charts with a score of 4.6; walk-in closet in master bedroom, 4.5; laundry room, 4.2; ceiling fan, 4.1; master bedroom on first floor in two-story home, 4.1; and two-car garage, 4.0.

Next up, rooms and features builders say they are “somewhat likely” to keep in their latest models: nine-foot ceiling on first floor, 3.9; home office 3.9; indoor fireplace, 3.4; and bolder colors inside, 3.3.

Now here’s the turkey list: three bathrooms or more, 2.9; mudroom, 2.9; unheated three-season porch, 2.8; dining room, 2.8; skylights, 2.7; three-car garage, 2.6; four bedrooms or more, 2.6; living room, 2.5; media room, 2.4; hobbies room, 2.2; sun room, 2.2; last and least, two master bedroom suites, 2.2.

What rooms would you like to add, keep or ditch in your home?