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Tips for Home Sellers

Homeowners Advice: Things to do before you sell your home

Selling your house cannot be an impulsive decision and you must plan for it. This has to come before you start fixing things up, or choosing dates for open houses. Preparation is the key to obtaining the maximum profits from the sale of your home.

Selling strategies for your property must include a thorough and honest examination of why you want to sell. Buying another house elsewhere is the primary motivation behind most home sales. Preparing lists of attractive neighborhoods, driving around and attending open houses are three excellent ways to get to know the area you want to live in. Carefully consider the deals of newly constructed and older homes in the area in which you want to live.

Begin interviewing real estate brokers when you are sure that you want to sell your house. Plan to speak with at least three agents before you make your final decision. Do not feel you are wasting their time by asking all three of them to provide a marketing plan that explains how they plan to market your house. Compare the plans and select the one that offers the most detailed and solid advice.

Do not select an broker because you like the price they suggested for your home. Some agents will overbid on your home in the hopes of getting you to list with their company. Be wary of inflating the price of your property as overpriced homes frequently sell for less than market value.

You will have to learn the art of “staging” your furniture for showings after first removing bulky and unattractive furniture. You can do it yourself or hire an “expert stager.” This is an attractive way to display floor and wall space and to highlight the finer features of your home.

Pick your repairs carefully as not all of them will help the sale of your home. Concentrate on obvious repair issues if any have been neglected. Whether you are hiding chips of paint behind a bedroom door or if the exterior needs a fresh look, a new coat of paint will do wonders for the appearance of your home. Think of paint chips as symbols for chipping down your asking price and you will be surprised at how quickly you will find the necessary inspiration for a new coat of paint.