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Tips for Home Buyers

Open House Tips

**** Open House, Saturday 11-4  6349 Baxter Drive, Colorado Springs, CO  80923 ****

Often potential home buyers will get a jump on the process by attending open houses in the neighborhood or neighborhoods that they are interested in.  This is a great idea and helps in a couple ways: 1) it gives the buyer a good idea of what homes in certain areas cost.  It's extremely important for buyers to understand what they are getting into cost wise.  2) It gives them a chance to shop among the potential agents hosting the open house.  This is a good and bad thing.  It can certainly give the buyer an option to shop around and find an agent they have a chemistry with... it also gives the buyer a chance to get a high- pressure showing of a house.  Here are some tips for home buyers that will make for a no-pressure, easy open house experience.

1.  Don't be shy- Although qualified buyers are like gold in this market, agents are also nervous about dealing with potential clients.  Don't be shy, they want to provide you a service, not hard sell you.
2.  Be Up Front- if you have an agent, or are not interested in working with an agent, be up front about it.  Tell the agent right away that you are not interested in buying, and that you are just looking.
3.  Make yourself at home- Act as if you are seeing a house with your agent, or alone.  You are certainly allowed to look around and take an in depth look at the house.  The agent (and home seller) wants you to.
4.  Fill out Correct information-  If you are asked to sign in or give the agent your information, do so properly.  Filling out a fake name or fake information is not helpful to anyone, and as long as you are straight forward with your intention, you wont receive constant calls or bothersome emails.
5.  ENJOY!!!!  Previewing homes is fun!  Have fun with it.