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So you've found your dream home — but what about the community around it? If you make one of these common blunders, that home may not be so great after all. By Melinda Fulmer Original is here
by Deb Stanley Original is here
This homebuying option can be a win for both sellers and buyers in some situations, but only if everything goes as planned. By Melinda Fulmer of MSN Real Estate Original is here:
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It's tempting to shop for bargains in a down market. But make sure the investment makes sense for your situation. By Liz Weston Original is here:
If the government stops subsidizing mortgages for the middle class, home loans could look a lot more like they do in other countries. That could mean the nation's favored mortgage could nearly disappear. By Marilyn Lewis of MSN Real Estate
Colorado Springs real estate is booming. It is a lovely city locates in the heart of Colorado. With its growing manufacturing companies and stunning views, more and more people are moving in here. The demand for Colorado Springs’ homes. Condos, flats etc. is increasing day by day. Hence it is a good time to invest in real estate in Colorado Springs.